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Friday, January 14, 2011

NUST Entry Test (Business and Social Sciences)

Every year in spring nust business school's test is held.Like every other business university the test criteria is based on scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT).

This is the common problem that candidates likely to take the test keep on asking about the course or syllabus.
So basically the test comprises of 3 basic sections,English  Basic Maths and Intelligence.
The english part comprises of Comprehension,analogy,sentence completion,identifying sentence errors and improving paragraphs.
The maths section comprises of all the basics of math(level 1,level 2)(Standard multiple choice,problem solving) while the intelligence section comprises of simple and easy question bases on mathematics calculations, diagrams,and odd man out.

The test is used to be a bit tough to judge the students hold on the basic course

How and what to prepare???

The only book for the preparation is SAT(English & Maths) usually available at all book shops.Just Practice all the chapters of Maths,which takes about almost 7 days.If you are good at maths you can make it with in 3 or 4 days and after that solve all the practice exercises/sample papers given at the end of the book and remember to note your time while solving.If you are able to solve the test with in given time you can surely do best in the test and the goal can only be achieved after practicing for hours. Memorize all the basic formulas and tactics.

For the preparation of intelligence section, variety of books are available in the market.I will suggest you to buy the Dogars published IQ based books.The more you practice,the more you get acquainted and the more you score.But keep in mind that time is use to be really short during the test.

For English section,you can only do your best if you have enough vocabulary.Th vocabulary of about 3500 words is given in the English section of the SAT book.Try to learn all the vocabulary by heart to score higher.If it is not possible or you do not have enough time,just learn the HIGH FREQUENCY and HOT PROSPECT word list,which consist of about 550 words.These are words used in our day today life.To score even more higher,buy WORD SMART 1 & 2 book.Only if you have improved vocab you can easily solve the English section.And keep in mind the practice of exercises and awareness of all the tactics is also basic tool for your higher score.

For more information and queries,comment your question.


  1. It would be better to give the general idea rahter giving your own point of you. How can one be so sure about the preparation para you have written.

  2. prepration depends upon your aptitude and concentration above all your comitment.)

  3. Can you use a calculator?